Doug Vance - Owner - Gatsby's

Randy Haffey - Promoter - Park St, Patio/ Frog Bear Wild Boar/ Columbus Commons/ Loose Goose Bar & Grill

Greg Martinez - Snakebite Sound

Rusty Green or Laurie Vermeer - Vermeer Memorial Fund Raiser

Dana Glanzman - Relay For Life Organizer

State Dock Lake Cumberland, KY - (contact DJ McCluskey)

Grider Hill Lake Cumberland, KY - (contact Elizabeth)

Other Feedback

To: Matt Breakey; Kevin Breakey
Subject: CT4

Hey guys~

Thanks for another great time Saturday night, love the new songs! Once again - you all ROCK! I know you guys put a lot of time & effort into doing what you do on stage and I can tell you this much, it shows in your performance. WOW! Billy & I love hangin out with you all. Its nice when we can get away by ourselves but its always a blast to hang out with all of you & the rest of the crew. We need more of that!!! :)

BTW, I love the fact your parents come out to your shows. They are such neat people & parents - how lucky you all are!

Take care!

Billy & Angie

PS I finally read the bios of the band & just laughed my tail off! Great stuff! Make sure you put a pic of Billy on the website so he will stop crying that I am on there & he isn't! lol 

Jan 18, 2008 @ 1:22 PM edit | delete   Kim - Lancaster

I tell you what if you haven't heard CT4 play you don't know what your missing. I am one of the biggest fans  because they play at our personal parties. If you ever get a chance to have them play at a personal party DO they put on a great show outside. Every time we have them play the police have paid us a visit!!!! What does that tell ya... Can't wait until this summer for the next PARTY GUYS!!! Thanks again

Hey guys!

We just had the time of our life Saturday at the Jasper Wedding. You guys totally rock! We hope to see you at another Jasper event. It will be the  Birthday party for Leah Jasper. We also are going to invite some "Moose" club members to check you out and hopefully get you some gigs there for the summer.

Just had to let you know how great I think you all are.

Hope to see you on the 3rd of June!

Hey CT4 you guys were great at bobbys party.  I can't wait to see you guys again..Hopefully real soon..Thanks for letting me get on stage and dance with you guys.. I had so much.. i always have fun when you guys play.. you are awesome.. Love Leah 

I saw you guys last night at the Golf Outting
you guys were amazing I was the one on the stage
headbanging to "Slither"so yeah I wanted
to say you guys were amazing.

I just wanted to thank you all for making it out to my birthday party. it was awesome. I really had a good time and i hope you guys did as well. I really hope to hear your band again.
Thank You,
Leah Jasper

Hey there----------------

You guys were really good last night!! I heard comments from behind me, and people loved dancing in the last 2 sets!!

Never knew Matt Breakey had a brother!! I will get Matt's friend, Delores, to come next time!! We have a TON of friends from Kroger who will come!!

You guys are very courtious in asking everyone to remember the bartender and waitresses. I haven't heard a band do that before.

Well, put me on your Email list!
Look forward to the next time,
Renee DeBolt----PHS 


You guys were great saturday night. Im really suprised youve not been together longer.   You're really good !!!

Do you guys play every weekend? Email me and let me know when your next gig is. It was nice to see you and Kevin, I never got to say Hi to Jimmy, tell him I said Hello

See ya soon,
Denise Britton (Van Hoose)

I saw your show on the 25th and you guys were great! Please add me to your mailing list for future shows.


Matt Downing

Just wanted to thank you for inviting us up Saturday. It was a blast & you guys sounded AWESOME - of course! Love the new songs. We plan on joining you on the 12th too.