We started like a lot of bands...just getting together to jam and have a good time.  In August of 2005, we were hired by some great friends, Laurie Vermeer and Rusty Green, to play for the Vermeer Memorial Fund raiser.  At the time we hadn't decided on a band name.  We put a bucket out and asked for name suggestions at that first show.  The only one that we didn't hate was "Contagious Til 4".  When asked how they had thought of the name they said their son had been sick and visited the doctor a few months earlier.  When they asked the doc if their son should return to school he replied "He'll probably be Contagious Til 4". Rusty and Laurie thought, "That sounds like a band name."  Well, now it is.  It ended up turning into something great and we've been playing all over Ohio ever since, including annually for 8 years at the Vermeer Memorial (one of our favorite shows).
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Brad - bass, vocals
Dave - guitar, vocals
Jackie - vocals
Kevin - lead vocals
Matt - drums, vocals
Nate - keys